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\eñe\: \eñe\

Ñapa: Throw in

just say it!: ¡dilo nomás!. throw in a gift on top of the purchasing package to cheer the buyer to come back: añadir un obsequio encima al paquete de compras para alentar al comprador a que vuelva. the throw in: la ñapa o la encima, is a pop expression in Colombia. the throw-in: la encima o el encime (Col). see-t: Free/freebies.

Ñ'english: Ñ'inglés

\nynglishh\: \ñ'inglés\*. (stage prior to the full command of the Spanish language: etapa previa al completo comando/dominio del lenguaje español). the nascent "Ñ" in the US horizon: la naciente "Ñ" en el horizonte de los EUs. see: Bilingual-Spanish, the term. see: Spanglish.  bilingual-spanish kids, students: chicos, estudiantes en bilingüe-español. see: Students, emerging. see: Global. see: Speak!. see: Very bilingual, very mucho. see: Boom. see-translate: Disclosure, Disclosure about the new terms and expressions. (expect more relevant, results with an Anglo-American touch, auto-suggested in upcoming e-dition). see: Voice. Nuevo*.

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