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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

advertise with Quick-BALs* to U.S.E.S.Hs&U.S.E.S.As who Do Buy!: anuncie con LABirápidas* ante H.H.I.E.Us-y-A.H.I.E.Us que ¡Sí Compran!...

Just say it!

Advertisement: la Publicidad. 1. BP Publicity: Publicidad BP. 2. los advertisers: los anunciantes. 3. Adverts: Avis' (adverts or advertisements: avis o avisos). 4. Outdoors advertising: Avisos al aire libre o Publicidad Pública (Businesses). 5. advertising revenue model: modelo de réditos publicitarios. 6. Advertisings: Avisos. 7. advertising ad in centropolitan* areas: aviso anunciante/publicitario en área centropolitana*. 8. Ads: Avis (abbreviation: abreviación)... 9. advertise with Quick-BALs* that pop-up and sell your de.als* to USESHs&USESAs who Do Buy!: anuncie con LABirápidas* que se totean y venden tus de.als* a HHIEUs-y-AHIEUs que ¡Sí Compran!... 10. advertising via BALs: anunciando via LABs, see: BALs... 11. b'illboard advertising: anunciando en valla b'ilingüe, see: B'illboards.. 12. mall screen advertising: anunciando en la pantalla del m.a.l.l., see-t: Mall.. 13. advertising to powerful penthouses: anunciando ante PHs, see: Powerful penthouse publicity... 14. ad agency: agencia-anunciante/de anuncios.. 15. aerial-advertising to powerful penthouses: aero-anunciando ante PHs poderosos, see: PH.... 16. see: Search/search advertising... 17. advertising with see-look phrases: anunciando con frases mira-ve, see-t: See-look... see-t: Marketing. see-t: B'signs... 18. highrise advertising: anunciando en para'altos.. 19. el ad/advtg text is compelling: el texto anunciante es contundente... 20. advertising to consumers who visit brands that add bilingual value to their lives: anunciando a los consumidores que visitan d'nombres que añaden valor bilingüe a sus vidas.. 21. advertising to USESHs with intelligent Ts: anunciando ante los HHIEUs con Ts inteligentes (Ts = translations)., see-t: Acronyms, translated... 22. advtg on the bay area: ancdo en el área de la bahía.. outdoors advertising to el commuter: anunciando al aire libre ante el c.c., \ce-ce\ o conductor cotidiano.. ¡Nuevo!*. See-t more relevant Advertising-Ts.

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