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Updated: Apr 7, 2021

automatic Tech-Ts: Ts-Tec automáticas..

Just say it!

1. language automation: el bspt-vaski automates tech-language translations by making acronyms, analog words, Lits and Tech-Ts (technological translations) that provide a win-win and b'educational experience between b'usiness* and user. Tech-Ts by Vaski seek to automate learning by simplifying next-generation linguistic code for people interacting in and out of conversational platforms. an example: Chip = C.h.i.p.* automation is acquired rapidly, without delay reaction while translating and with minimal repetition in the blink of an eye. B'usinesses are changing fast the same as Translations. the most successful businesses are those that train their employees for a bilingual global economy where tech communication is automatically changing the future of language:

..1. automatización del lenguaje. el bspt-vaski automatiza las traducciones del lenguaje-tec elaborando acrónimos, letras análogas, Lits y Ts-Tec (traducciones tecnológicas) que proporcionan una experiencia dutil* y b'educaciona*l entre el bi'mercial* y el usuario. las Ts-Tec del Vaski buscan automatizar el aprendizaje simplificando el código lingüístico de generación siguiente para la gente que interactúa dentro y fuera de las plataformas conversacionales. un ejemplo: C.h.i.p.* = Chip. see more relevant Automatic.o-Ts. ¡Nuevo!*

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