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Bilingual data: Data bilingüe

Just say it!

1. (bilingual + business) = B'usiness*: (bilingüe + comercial) = Bi'mercial*. 2. b'usiness verbiage: verbo bi'mercial. 3. bilingual business verbiage: verbo bilingüe comercial, see: Bank. 4. B'usiness Briefs: Breves Bi'merciales (B's). 5. Bilingual Business Briefs: (o sea) Breves Bilingües Comerciales. 6. I got a valuable B'USINESS BRIEF* for you: le tengo un breve bi'mercial valioso o, un BREVI'LINGÜE* Commercial valioso. a b'brief \bi'brif\: un bre'bi \brevi\ o, un breví'mercial bilingüe. 7. the term: Do Buy!, is a b'usiness brief by BsPt-Vaski, see: Do Buy!. 8. translating TiTs that make pro b'usiness logic: traduciendo TiTs que tienen lógica pro bi'mercial. 9. B'usiness news: noticias Bi'merciales. 10. translating B'illion B'usiness TiTulars: traduciendo TiTulares Bi'merciales B'illonarios, see: Titulars. see: B'illion. 11. B'usinesses: los Bi'merciales o, los negocios bilingües comerciales. Nuevo*. see-t more relevant B'usiness-Ts& Data base. Nuevo*.

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