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Updated: Apr 7, 2021

visiting Brickell Key: visitando a Brickell Key, FL...

Just say it!

1. (Miami-Miami River-Brickell Key-Brickell-Mary Brickell Village/self-guided bike tour, 1-7). 2. cyclist cycling the Centropolitan Brickell Banking District starting at: 1. Brickell Avenue & SE 5th st., to.. 2. archaeological Miami Circle by Miami River Walk site, bordering the water and passing over the bridge to.. 3. Brickell Key. Returning to Brickell Bay Dr. south and stopping and taking stunning pictures/photos/selfies of the bay by.. 4. the white sculpture on scenic 1400 Brickell Bay Dr (B.B.D.), continuing towards .. 5. Brickell Ave. modern, upscale highrises, to 25th Road. Making a right on 25th Road, one block to Miami Ave, north towards the.. 6. Historic Simpson Park at Miami Ave & SE 15th Road. Ending on.. 7. Mary Brickell Village sports bars, shops and restaurants at Miami Ave & SE 10th street:. see more relevant self-guided cyclist-Ts. ¡Nuevo!*

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