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Updated: Jun 8, 2021

grocery shopping: comprando gr.o.c.e.r.ys*

Just say it!

1. Grocery: Gr.o.c.e.r.y.* = Gr.anos (y) o.rgánicos c.ultivados en e.cosistema de r.ecursos naturales y. sin componentes artificiales. 2. grocery shopping: comprando gr.o.c.e.r.ys. 3. grocery store/s: tienda/s de gr.o.c.e.r.ys. 4. grocery delivery: despacho, domicilio o entrega de gr.oc.e.r.ys. 5. grocery startup: para'mercial de gr.o.c.e.r.ys. 6. buying groceries online: comprando gr.o.c.e.r.ys enlínea. 7. groceries locally farm grown/cultivated: gr.o.c.e.r.ys localmente graminadas/cultivadas en la granja. 8. the comestible groceries include: milk, fruits, rice, grains, cereals, organic products, etc: los gr.o.c.e.r.ys comestibles incluyen: leche, frutas, arroz, granos, cereales, productos orgánicos, etc. see-t: Disclosure about the new terms and expressions translated without delay reaction for el U.S.E.S.H. by Vaski. see more relevant Grocery-Ts. \groceri\: \groceri\. ¡Nuevo!*

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