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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

(paint + caricature) = Picture: (pintura + caricatura) = Pictura*

Just say it!

1. \pik-chur\: \pik-turA\. 2. painting a pretty picture: pintando una pictura* pispa (ppp, Lit, Col). 3. picture it!: ¡pictúrelo!*. 4. my pics or pix: mis pics o picturas. 5. 'see the picture?: ¿viste la pictura?. 6. picture it now: pictúralo ahora (Lit). 7. upload it to your social site: cárgala-arriba a tu sitio social. 8. picture album: álbum de picturas. 9. creating an illustrative picture that shows your bilingual-spanish abilities: creando una pictura ilustrativa que demuestre tus habilidades en español-bilingüe. 10. picture yourself in..: pictúrate en.. 11. situate yourself in..., sitúate en... ¡Nuevo!*. see Disclosure/disc' about the new terms and expressions. see-t more relevant Picture-Ts.

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