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Updated: Nov 13, 2019

His/her profile is in Real Estate: Su perfil es D.B.R. pronounce: \de-be-erre\...

Just say it!

1. professional file record: registro profesional de filiación/afiliación personal. 2. el profile: el profil' o el profiliado personal. 3. profile or cross-section: perfil. 4. el picture profile: la pictura del profil'. 5. el photo profile: la foto del profil'/perfil fisonómico, en Facebook. 6. B'usiness* profile: perfil Bi'mercial*.. 7. high profile: alto perfil.. 8. to Profile according to the type of person and its features: Tipificar (tipo + identificar) = Tipificar, según el tipo de persona y sus rasgos.. 9. his/her profile is in real estate: su perfil es d.b.r., see-t: Real Estate.. ¡Nuevo!*.

See-translate: Disclosure/dis' about the new terms and expressions. See-t more relevant R-E-Ts under R/Real Estate:

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