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Updated: Apr 7, 2021

two pals: dos parceros...

Just say it!

1. two dancing: dos bailando. 2. two rowing: dos remando.. 3. two tourists: dos turistas.. 4. two bikes: dos bicis (bicicletas)... 5. bikes for two: bicis para dos... 6. two guys biking by Biscayne Boulevard: dos gevos en bici/haciendo bici por la Biscayne Boulevard/Miami.. 7. two talking at lunch-time: dos hablando a la hora-almuerzo* \ora-lmuerzo\.. 8. two restaurants near el centropolitan brickell district: dos restaurants cerca al distrito centropolitano de brickell.. 9. two rockings chairs: dos mecedoras... 10. two, you and I: dos, tú y yo.. 11. two hands playing piano: dos manos tocando piano. 12. two men and a truck: dos hombres y un camión, see-t: Moving&storage.. 13. two scooters for two tourists: dos patinetas para dos turistas.. 14. two roosters near brickell: dos gallos cerca a brickell. 15. two parakeets: dos periquitos. 16. Us two: ♥ Nosotros dos. 17. two guys paragliding: dos gevos en parapente. 18. two restaurants with a bay view near Brickell Bay: dos restaurantes con vista a la bahía cerca a Brickell Bay (la Bahía de Brickell). see-translate more, New*, relevant Two-Ts

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