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Translation Technology

Translation Technology that Works for the Corporate Traveler

Technology drives us at every stage of today’s world. But is it applicable for translating languages too? Verbal apps for automatic translation like Say Hi or Google translator are now in your hands to help you understand “ ¿Entiendes el español?” But if you want a real guide that can help you on and offline, head towards to translate the above sentence into “ Do you understand Spanish?” You just need a few clicks to translate and use the most commonly used phrases when you travel. You can do everything using our app, from searching your bags in the luggage lobbies to questing for a taxi. You will find no lengthy lessons, only the information you need now!

English to Spanish Converter for the Most Common Phrases

Our English to Spanish converter shows and speaks the Spanish words you need to work through your immediate conversation. Sections include Customs, Airport, and Restaurant. Click to the correct department and scroll through to find the English word that you need to be translated. Log onto your subscription while in the air and learn to say some keywords to smooth out your arrival.

Reach the Hotel and Conference Center without Confusion or Delay

How do you give directions to your Spanish-speaking rideshare driver? Using our translation technology, you can show them the text for what you need to say. They will be able to drop you and your luggage at your hotel or AirBnB promptly. You will be able to ask the front desk to set an alarm or schedule transportation to your meetings. Now you have all the tools you need to conquer the city streets in a foreign land.

Click through our site and discover all the options and services that offers for those in need of English to Spanish translations. Sign up for our monthly subscription and gain access to live tutorials, Facebook live meetings, and more. Learn more

Subscribe Now!

Whether you are a Spanish-speaking person or English, the smartphone application of can answer all of your translation-related queries. Just by subscribing to the app, you can localize all the steps of your travel experience. The professionals here provide quality, efficiency, and a broad scope of expertise for each project. Bpvaski is a premium company giving out translation and interpreting services. Our long list of customers has successfully used our app to reach their professional and personal objectives. A user can typically type understand the local customs and etiquettes while using English and Spanish. Go for the subscription without hesitation! 

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